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Kerttervezés "Kompromisszumok nélkül. Ha kell, akár tízszer is újrakezdve, ha az nem az igazi."

Rácz Péter
Diploma in Management Study, Certified in Garden Design
Társtervező "A garden is a work of Art." - Christopher Tunnard, Gardens in the Modern Landscape, 1938.

Douglas W. Gillis
Garden Designer, Certified by The English Gardening School, London; MA in Garden History, University of Bristol, England; Certified as a teacher by the Kofu School of Ikebana, Yokohama, Japan.

Historically, this has been the belief of most serious garden designers. It is a philosophy which transcends time and place and leads to a multitude of interpretations. Your garden as a work of Art defines bespoke service, where client and designer come to a meeting of minds with one goal; to create a little piece of heaven on earth, to be savoured by everyone who enters.